U Blog, I Blog!

Bloggers be heard!   IT Bloggers & Analysts, you have passion for your field.  Voice your expertise on that IT niche by partnering with us and publishing your articles in our monthly newsletters. 

Want to know who is already on-board for providing valuable content, see the blogroll, these experts know their stuff and are sharing their knowledge.

Are you an expert blogger or analyst in your Field?  Help educate me on the following topics and get FREE exposure in our newsletter:

  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Virtualization (Virtual Storage)
  • Wireless Mobility/Networking
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Unified Communications
  • Financial Mangement Planning (FMP)

We recently started a publication called Unlocked.  This newsletter is split into the above categories.  I am searching for blogger content that provides an insight on these industries and is interested in growing their readership.

See a listing of our current secured bloggers and analysts under our blogroll. These friendly experts bring exciting fresh content to their readers each month.

Free Exposure – We’ll help you grow your readership!

We generate these Unlocked newsletters with leading-edge blogger/analyst content. I am looking for bloggers who would be interested in free exposure. We partner with many top IT companies such as Siemens, PTC, Iron Mountain, Cognos, Avnet, etc, just to name a few. This newsletter is transmitted by us on behalf of these companies’ resellers. The newsletters will give you eyeball-access to over 70,000 professionals in small to mid sized companies.

What do I have to do?
Email me with your blog website, name and contact information. We will review and with your permission, we will pick article/blogs that you post for our up and coming newsletters, citing you as the author and giving a link to your website. We would do this at least four times a year.

Want to write something special, outside of your blog? Write about best practices, implementation, tips and tricks, etc…Keep it 1-2 pages, professionally written, no offensive language (please) and please be vendor non-bias.

We’ll monitor the readership and gauge which author is most loved by our end-readers.

Would you show me an example? See an example of the BI Unlocked Newsletter here.  The other Unlocked newsletters would follow the same format.

Got Friends?
If you have material for other newsletters or know a fellow blogger that might be a good source, would welcome that information. Especially on Financial Management Planning because I am having quite the challenge finding bloggers who write about the topic.

I hope you agree that this would be a great opportunity to expose your blog/articles to a larger audience.

Reach me at janderson@imninc.com.


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