How do I grow my readership with you?

We generate these Unlocked newsletters with leading-edge blogger/analyst content. We partner with many top IT companies such as Siemens, PTC, Iron Mountain, Cognos, Avnet, etc, just to name a few. This newsletter is transmitted by us on behalf of these companies’ resellers. The newsletters will give you eyeball-access to over 70,000 professionals in small to mid sized companies.

Contact me at to discuss further.


2 Responses to “How do I grow my readership with you?”

  1. Anthony Arrigo Says:

    Interested to know on how to expose my lifestyle blog.

    • Jennifer Anderson Says:

      Anthony – I’m looking for folks that are in the IT field. Do you have a blog that highlights a specialty in technology? If so, we may have a match. If not, I don’t think I could help you. I would recommend you showcase your lifestyle blog via your facebook page and/or when you leave a comment on other’s blogs, make sure you include your blog address. Hope that helps – Jennifer

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