What do I have to do?

Email me with your blog website, name and contact information. We will review and with your permission, we will pick article/blogs that you post for our up and coming newsletters, citing you as the author and giving a link to your website. We would do this at least four times a year.



2 Responses to “What do I have to do?”

  1. Aaron Sternlicht Says:

    Hello. I am looking for outlets through which I can expose my blog, and I came across your website. It’s a political blog called Real Talk Politic (realtalkpolitic.blogspot.com). I created it a little over a year ago, and write all the articles myself. I hope you enjoy it, and hope that you can help me get some exposure. Thanks for your time.


    • Jennifer Anderson Says:

      Good Day Aaron –

      Thank you for reaching out to me. Curious how you found my blog? I am fine tuning options to get the most exposure myself.

      Your political blog looks good. Although, I unfortunately cannot help you as our audience is technology. Have you looked under our blog roll for “Where the Bloggers At?” Take a peek there. You may get some ideas on posting snippets from your blog on those blog sites like Delicious. Also, if you have a facebook or twitter page, mention it there. Lastly, if you have a blogroll, make sure your friends recpicate and add your link to their blogroll. Any comments you make on websites, make sure you put your blog under your name. Before you know it, you’ll have a captive audience.

      I hope these tips help! Cheers – Jennifer

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