Where do people sign-up for these newsletters?

We at IMN (I Make News!) generate the Unlocked newsletters with content from leading-edge blogger/analyst content in return for free exposure.  We partner with many top IT companies such as Websense, Symantec, Cognos/IBM, Siemens, PTC, Iron Mountain, Avnet, etc, just to name a few. 

This newsletter is transmitted by us on behalf of these companies’ resellers with the goal of educating their customer/prospect audience on the industry.  The newsletters will give you eyeball-access to over 70,000 IT professionals.

We can track on this end how many folks open your article from the newsletter and/or jump off the newsletter and visit your site.  This helps us gauge if we are on the right track as far as a specific blogger/analyst and/or topic.

If you would like to chat further, please let me know.


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